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Kinco HMI & Mitsubishi FX3U “Communication” Tutorial

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Hello friends, Mitsubishi FX3U PLC is one of the most commonly used PLC in the world. Cheap price, good quality, easy to use and free software make it popular with everyone.

The Kinco HMI monitor originating from China (buying technology from Omron should have the same hardware and software as Omron’s NB-Series) is cheap and supports all the communication standards that HMI needs. Today will guide you to use HMI Kinco MT4414TE to connect to PLC Mitsubishi FX3U

Kinco HMI & Mitsubishi PLC “CPU Connection”

+ RS485-4 wire connection diagram between Mitsubishi FX3U and HMI Kinco

Mitsubishi FX3U CPU Configuration

HMI Kinco to FX3U Parameters Setting

+ Kinco HMI COM.0 Parameters Setting

Project Video Tutorial


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