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HMI Proface “Modbus RTU” LS iG5A VFD

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The LS iG5A inverter is a compact and economical inverter series, the LS – IG5 series inverters are powerful and optimized for performance. iG5A Inverter has Capacity: 0.37~7.5KW/200~230V 3 phase. 0.75~7.5KW/380~460V 3 phase.

The inverter also has a built-in RS485 port, so today will guide you to use HMI Proface GP4402WW to connect to iG5A VFD through “Modbus RTU”

LS iG5A VFD & Proface GP4402WW “Wiring Diagram”

HMI Proface Modbus-RTU Configuration

In order for the LS iG5A inverter to communicate with Modbus RTU RS485, we must set the communication parameters as shown in the table below: recommends you to install as follows:

  • Drv = 3 (Motor Control via Communication Port)
  • Frq = 7 (Frequency Reference via Communication Port)
  • I59 = 0 (Modbus RTU Selection)
  • I60 = 1 ( Slave Number = 1)
  • I61 = 3 (9600bps)
  • I62 = 0
  • I65 = 2 (Even/Stop bit=1)

Proface GP4402WW Communication Setting

We need to set the same communication parameters as in the inverter

Proface Modbus Programming

+ Control Panel

+ Frequency Set Command

+ Forward Run Command

+ Reverse Run Command

+ Stop Command

+ Read Output Frequency

+ Read Volatge Output

+ Read Current Output

Video Tutorial


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