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HMI Delta & Keyence KV5500 “Communication” Tutorial

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On the market today, PLC Keyence is one of the most commonly used PLC types. Especially in Japanese industrial plants. Delta HMI is also one of the commonly used HMIs originating from Taiwan with competitive price but very good quality

Today will guide you to connect HMI Delta DOP-107EV to Keyence KV5500 PLC via “Ethernet” communication (any Keyence PLC Model with Ethernet will connect in the same way)

PLC Keyence “Ethernet” Configuration

Using KV-Studio Software to configure “Ethernet” communication for PLC KV5500, recommend you to leave the default setting

Delta HMI to Keyence PLC Communication Setting

+ Enter the IP address and Port of the PLC Keyence KV-5500

+ Set the IP address of the HMI to the same range as the PLC but different in address

Project Video Tutorial


Software used for the Project

+ Download KV-Studio V11 for Keyence PLC Software
+ Download DOPSoft V4 Delta HMI Software

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