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[Download] S7-200 PC Access SP6 Siemens OPC Sever

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S7-200 PC Access SP6 is software used to connect with S7-200 PLC system of Siemens. This software provides us with a standard OPC server just like any other OPC server. Since it is for S7-200, the S7-200 data types are supported in this PCAccess software.
In this latest SP6 version, Window 7/10 32 and 64bit are supported. If you install on Windows 7/10 then install PCAccess SP6 must be combined with MicroWin 4.0 SP9 to be programmable.

Features of S7-200 PC Access

+ OPC DA server

+ The interface is easy to install and use

+ Easy to set limit, sample time

+ All S7-200 data types are fully supported. Including Timer and Counter

+ Full support for connection protocol

+ Allows one PC to connect multiple PLCs

Supported Operating Systems

+ Microsoft Windows XP, Vista

+ Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 ( need to install MicroWin 4.0 SP9 before)

Installation instructions video

Software Download Link

1. Download via GoogleDrive

>>> Download S7-200 PC Access
>>> Download S7-200 PC Access SP6 Upgrade (Need MicroWin 4.0 SP9 Installed)
>>> Download S7-200 PC Access Manual

2. Download via MediaFire

>>> Download_S7-200_PC_Access
>>> Download_S7-200_PC_Access_SP6_Upgrade (Need_MicroWin_4.0_SP9_Installed)
>>> Download_S7-200_PC-Access_Manual

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