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PLCSim Advanced software makes it possible to easily simulate the S7-1500 and ET200SP PLC with full features. In addition, it also provides API libraries that help simulation PLCs connect with other simulation programs.

Important notes when using PLC Sim Advanced:

+ Turn on the feature to allow simulation:
You need to enable simulation for the project by right-clicking on the project, selecting Protection, ticking “Support simulation during block compilation”.

+ Turn off “know-how protection” password:
In order for PLC Sim Advanced to emulate blocks, you must enter the block unlock password (if any) before simulating.

Hardware required

+ CPU: Core i7-6820EQ per instance. For each additional instance you need to add a core

+ RAM: 1 GB for an instance, and 4GB Ram for the running OS
Or at least 8 GB if running on virtual machine

+ DISK:  Minimum 5 GB free

As we can see, the configuration required for version 3.0 is very high. The reason is that PLCSim Advanced will simulate the processor as a real PLC, so it will take up 1 CPU core and 1GB Ram to process the task.

So if your computer is not powerful enough and does not need to emulate the ODK development package, you can use PLCSIM Advanced V2.0

Software installation guide

+ Step 1: Download and extract the software with the password

+ Step 2: Proceed to open the unzipped folder and run the Setup file

+ Step 3: Choose Next

+ Step 4: Wait for the software to install for a few dozen minutes

+ Step 5: Select Restart when the software installation is complete

+ Step 6: After restarting the computer, run the EKB SIM software and select as shown

Instructions for installing PLCSIM Advanced by Video

Link Download Software

>>> Download PLCSIM Advanced V3.0

Password Extract:


If you have any problems in the process of downloading and installing the software, please comment below the article

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