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CEMAT is a monitoring and control software package developed specifically by Siemens for the application in the cement industry for more than 40 years.

Cemat is developed by Siemens as control and monitoring function libraries that include a complete set of control functions in PLCs and on HMIs according to the common standards of the cement industry or their own standards. major cement producers such as Holcim, Dyckerhoff, Bushehr, Caima, Alsen, Lafarge…. Various versions of Cemat were integrated in respective Siemens control systems of the same period. Cemat versions before 2000 are integrated with Simatic S5 control system and Coros LSB / C monitoring and operation software, from V5 to present Cemat is integrated on Siemens DCS platform, PCS7.

Some highlights of CEMAT on SIMATIC PCS7 platforms

+ System design and configuration is done quickly and easily with the use of CEMAT’s pre-designed modules.

+ Specific software tested for specific requirements for the cement industry

+ Thoroughly guide the engineer during system setup and control problems to avoid software development being patchy.

+ The possibility of errors during system setup and configuration is minimal due to the standard interface between modules in CEMAT.

+ The test run is done faster thanks to the high program quality.

+ Easy for the operator thanks to the all-explained standard interface windows

+ Fast error finding process thanks to detailed error display along with high performance of reliable logic.

+ Eliminate the ability to start engine or group of equipment thanks to detailed status reports before starting start command

+ Integrated equipment management for advanced maintenance policies

+ Operation and process monitoring is made easy via Internet / Intranet.

Benefits brought from CETMAT

With a wide range of system functions, CEMAT ensures that the system will bring many benefits to customers. Specifically:

+ Small initial investment and low cost for the entire life cycle of the production line

+ Ensuring advanced technology in the future

+ Reduce your supplier’s need for support

+ Reduces system maintenance costs without the need for external programming experts

+ Protect quality and productivity through software

+ Update the necessary information in a timely manner for the leadership team, management

+ Increasing output, ensuring quality, reducing energy costs and environmental pollution.

+ Maintain system availability on the right platform

+ Provides diagnostic functions to identify errors quickly

Link Download Software

Note: It is necessary to install the PCS7_V7 software first before you can install the CEMAT software

>>> Download CEMAT_V7_SP1_Software_Siemens

>>> Download PCS7_V7.1_SP4 for CEMAT_V7

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