Difference between WinCC Flexible, WinCC 7.x and WinCC TIA Portal

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Siemens WinCC software is a dedicated software for building HMI control interfaces as well as for processing and storing data in an automated SCADA system.

When you contact WinCC software, we will see that there are many different versions for different purposes.

WinCC Flexible

This is the simplest and most classic version of the WinCC home. The WinCC Flexible version is developed to program the HMI screens we often see mounted on control cabinets or on machines. Ranging from basic Basic Panel displays to PC-based HMI screens such as Siemens IPC industrial computers.

WinCC 7.x (Classic)

WinCC V7.x was created by Siemens to provide software tools for setting up a console that runs on Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows 7, 10. In the line of interface design products For operation and monitoring, WinCC belongs to SCADA (SCADA class) class with effective functions for programming a professional SCADA station.

In WinCC V7.x, we have two basic types as follows:

+ WinCC Runtime Package: Contains application functions used to run WinCC applications such as display, control, status notification, control values ​​and reporting. In other words, this is the type to run when operating the system.

+ WinCC Complete Package: Includes a license to build the configuration license (configuration license) and a license to run the application (Runtime). In other words, engineers use this type of RC to design and configure the system.

WinCC (TIA Portal)

WinCC (TIA Portal) is a software for configuring and designing interfaces from the HMI control screen to the SCADA system running on the PC. This version was developed by Siemens to integrate into their TIA Portal ecosystem, so to distinguish it from WinCC V7, we often write “TIA Portal” after the name WinCC.

Based on the scope of configuration and design, WinCC (TIA Portal) is divided into 5 different versions:

  • WinCC Basic: is used to design the Basic Panel line HMI screens. This version when you install any version of TIA Portal is attached.
  • WinCC Comfort: is used to program all line of HMI control screens from Basic Panel to Comfort Panel and Mobile Panel. In other words, with this version, any Siemens HMI control screen is fully programmable.
  • WinCC Advanced: is used to program all HMI control screens and is programmable for Siemens IPC series industrial integrators.
  • WinCC Professional: is used to program all HMI and SCADA control screens running on a PC.
  • WinCC Unified: support users to handle web technologies more easily with HTML, Java Script, SVG platforms, frozen effects with the integrated new SVG image library for users, remote access, capabilities Extend, resize the screen on a single design to give users higher options

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