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Delta HMI “Modbus RTU” PowerFlex 525 Inverter Tutorial

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The Powerflex 525 inverter is a series of Rockwell’s 520 inverter series. The Powerflex 520 inverter series was born to meet Rockwell’s Logix platform in common applications requiring inverters, it has built-in Ethernet/IP and RS485 ports which is convenient for controlling and monitoring the inverter by communication.

So today will write a tutorial on how to use HMI Delta DOP-107EV (other models with RS485 ports are similar) to control Allen-Bradley PowerFlex525 through “Modbus RTU” RS485

Delta DOP-107EV & PowerFlex525 “Wiring Diagram”

Note: Use twisted pair cable and Terminal resistor 120Ω if Communication distance is long

PowerFlex 525 Modbus Parameters Setting

In order for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 to be controlled and monitored by Modbus-RTU, we need to set the following communication parameters

PowerFlex525 Inverter Modbus Registers Address
Registers for Control

>>> Motor Control Address = 2000 (Hexa)

  • Set Word 2000 = 18 (dec) >>> Run Forward
  • Set Word 2000 = 34 (dec) >>> Run Reverse
  • Set Word 2000 = 1 (dec) >>> Stop
    = 8 (dec) >>> VFD Fault Reset

>>> Frequency Setting Address = 2001 (Hexa)

Registers for Monitoring

>>> VFD Status Address = 2100 (Hexa)

+ Output Frequency Address = 2103 (Hexa)

+ Output Current Address = 2104 (Hexa)

+ Output Voltage Address = 2106 (Hexa)

HMI Delta Modbus-RTU Configuration

We need to set the communication parameters of the HMI DOP-107EV to be the same as those installed for the PowerFlex 525 Inverter before they can be connected and control

HMI Programming

+ Control Panel Design

+ VFD Ready

+ Frequency Reference

+ Forward Run

+ Reverse Run

+ Stop Command

+ VFD Reset

+ Frequency Monitoring

+ Current Monitoring

+ Voltage Monitoring

Detailed Instruction Video


Software and Documents

+ Delta HMI Software Free Download
+ Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 Manual PDF Download

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