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Delta HMI “Modbus RTU” Delta VFD-M Inverter Tutorial

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Delta VFD-M inverter is a mid-range load inverter of Delta brand inverter, with Taiwan origin, Delta VFD-M inverter has high durability, sturdy appearance, reasonable price, so it is very well manufactured. computer used.

Today will guide you to use HMI Delta DOP-107EV to control VFD-M Inverter through “Modbus RTU”

Delta DOP-107EV & VFD-M Inverter “Wiring Diagram”

+ Both DOP-107EV and VFD-M Inverter have a built-in RS485 port so we don’t need to buy anything other than wiring.

Delta VFD-M RS485 port is an “RJ12 Port” (can take a desk phone jack)

Delta VFD-M Modbus Parameters Setting

To be able to control Delta VFD-M with Modbus RTU, in addition to the basic parameters of the inverter installed according to the motor (Voltage, Frequency, Current…) we need to install additional parameters communication as follows

Delta VFD-M Inverter Modbus Registers Address
  • Control Motor Address = 2000 (Hex)

+ Run Forward >>> Set Word 2000 = 0000 0000 0001 0010 (Bin) = 18 (Dec)

+ Run Reverse >>> Set Word 2000 = 0000 0000 0010 0010 (Bin) = 34 (Dec)

+ Stop >>> Set Word 2000 = 0000.0000.0000.0001 (Bin) = 1 (Dec)

  • Frequency Reference Address = 2001 (Hex)
  • Output Frequency Address = 2103 (Hex)
  • Output Current Address = 2104 (Hex)
  • Output Voltgae Address = 2106 (Hex)

Delta DOP-107EV Modbus Configuration

We need to configure the communication parameters of the DOP-107EV exactly the same as the VFD-M Inverter for these two devices to connect

Delta HMI “Modbus Example”

+ Main Page Design

+ Set Frequency Command

+ Forward Run Command

+ Reverse Run Command

+ Motor Stop Command

+ Data Monitoring

Video Tutorial


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