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Delta DOP-107EV “Modbus RTU” Omron E5CC Tutorial

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The Delta DOP-Series HMI is one of the cheap but very good quality HMIs. Delta HMIs support most basic connections such as Ethernet, RS232, RS422/485…

Today will guide you to use Delta HMI (specifically Model DOP-107EV) to control and monitor Omron E5CC Controller through Modbus-RTU (RS485) Communication Standard.

Delta DOP-107EV & Omron E5CC “Wiring Diagram”

+ Use a 120Ω Terminal Resistor if the communication distance is long.

+ Note: Select Model E5CC with RS485 Port support.

Omron E5CC Modbus-RTU Parameters Setting

In order for Omron E5CC Controller to be controlled and monitored by Modbus RTU, we need to set the following communication parameters:

Omron E5CC Modbus Registers Address

>>> Set Temperature Address = 2103 (Hex)

>>> Temperature Present Monitoring Address = 2000 (Hex)

Delta HMI Modbus RTU Configuration

In order for the Delta HMI DOP-107EV to connect and control the Omron E5CC Controller, we need to set the same communication parameters.

Delta HMI Modbus Example

+ Control Page Design

+ E5CC No.1 Set Temperature

+ E5CC No.2 Set Temperature

+ E5CC No.1 Temperature Monitoring

+ E5CC No.2 Temperature Monitoring

Project Video Tutorial


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+ Omron E5CC Manual PDF Download

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If you have any questions about using Delta HMI to connect with Omron E5CC, please comment below the article, will answer you when I read comments.

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